Oldedalen, Norway. Photo by Laura Baker.


Norwegian knife making heritage since 1932

The Helle knife factory is located only a short distance from the small farm where Steinar and Sigmund Helle first started their fledgling knife business in 1932. This farm was where their father taught them the fine art of forging. Today automated production and vast batches are common for knife manufacturers around the world. Although Helle has grown considerably since the 1930s, they insist on focusing on quality, tradition and craftsmanship in production. There are shortcuts to producing a knife, but there is only one Helle way.

No machine can replace skilled craftsmanship. A Helle knife is made to withstand the stresses and strains that a knife is subjected to outdoors. Helle upholds its traditions of craftsmanship and quality rather than large product lines and automated production. We believe that quality is best preserved through skillful craftsmanship.

Skilled knife specialists take pride in making the Helle brand synonymous with quality. They use up to a half an hour to create a knife as they want to be sure that your demands for quality and finish are met.

A Helle knife goes through up to 45 different manual operations before it is finally checked and packaged.