Bachalpsee, Switzerland.

About The Company

Authentic European Outdoor Brands

Asheville, North Carolina based Sport Hansa was founded in 2010. The company was formed based on the industry business experiences of its employees as well as the recognition that there is a renewed interest in the marketplace for well-supported compelling, niche European product lines.

The company is committed being easy to work with and to providing excellent, “high-touch” customer service and to operate with an ethical outlook.

Matt Huff

Managing Director

As a young person growing up in Switzerland, Matt was always looking for US brands in his adopted hometown of Zurich. In time, this hobby developed into an academic interest about why brands succeed or fail when entering foreign markets. After completing his MBA with a focus on international business at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Matt started with K2 Sports, eventually serving as General Manager for Europe Team Sports Platform. In 2010, Matt decided to combine his work experience with his personal interest in branding and new market entry to start Sport Hansa.

John Stephens

Operations Manager

John likes being outside. From the age of 10 to 24, he attended and then worked full time at adventure summer camps. He has 12+ years experience in sales and purchasing at a local outdoor shop. In 2013, he began working at Sport Hansa. He currently lives with his wife and animals “back in the mountains.” In his spare time, you can find him riding anything with two wheels, building something, or exploring the mountains.