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    Helle Bessegen

    Holmedal, Norway

    The Helle factory in central Norway has been making beautiful yet highly functional hand-made knives since 1932. Helle designers strive to use only natural materials such as wood, cork, leather and steel.


    Hults Bruk

    Hults Bruk Axes and Hatchets

    Norrköping, Sweden

    Hults Bruk manufactures a range of axes for all applications, from lightweight camping hatchets to large felling axes designed for professional foresters. All are carefully forged using the finest Swedish steel.




    Kontiolahti, Finland

    The Kupilka product line is made in eastern Finland. It makes use of a unique biomaterial that harnesses wood fiber and plastic formed in the shape of traditional Scandinavian dishware and cutlery.




    Laguiole Knives

    Laguiole, France

    Laguiole, France is famous for a tradition style of knife and sommelier tool. La Coutellerie Honoré Durand is one of the few makers of this style of knives located in that famous village.



    Castillo Knives

    Albacete, Spain

    Knifemaking in Spain is unique in terms of history, materials, design and production methods. Castillo knives—made in Albacete, Castilla-La Manche province—strive to tell some of that important and interesting story.



    Adler Axes

    Waghäusel, Germany

    Adler Axes have been made in southern Germany since 1919. German axes have unique form and function. The Adler factory is now in its fourth generation.

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