Carpathian mountain trail, Romania. Photo by Podu Stricat.

About The Company

Authentic European Outdoor Brands

Asheville, North Carolina based Sport Hansa was founded in 2010. The company was formed based on the industry business experiences of its employees as well as the recognition that there is a renewed interest in the marketplace for well-supported compelling, niche European product lines.

The company is committed being easy to work with and to providing excellent, “high-touch” customer service and to operate with an ethical outlook.

Sport Hansa selects brands that have some important common characteristics:

  • They have a long and interesting brand heritage.
  • Their products make use of unique materials and / or production methods.
  • Their price points are workable in the North American marketplace.
  • Their products are simply compelling and add value to the outdoor experience.

The outdoor category is highly competitive and most product areas are quite saturated. We believe, however, that we have assembled a product mix that stands above the fray through performance, authenticity and attractiveness.

Thank you for your interest in Sport Hansa and we look forward to hearing from you!